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Welcome to the site

welcome to the site
Here you can find the latest news on what’s happening here at The Boarding House.

We don’t have 140 pages of glossy products you can buy - we’ve been here since 1984, we deal with everyone; anything you want - we can get it!(if it’s not already in our well stocked shop).

I’ll let you in on a secret - those massive website shops with a picture of every part under the sun on their pages - they don’t have some mega superstore with every product available ready to go- they order it in, then sell it on to you. 

Just like us.

Except, we’re here for you - when you need to come in and ask advice so you get the right part . . .
we can (if required) fit it for you so you know it's been correctly installed . . .
or if you want to borrow our tools . . .
maybe find out where the best parks are . . .
and meet mates to go to FPot skatepark 5 mins down the road.

Check out the shop history page, we’ve been involved in building/campaigning for every ramp and skatepark in Exeter since 1988! And next year see’s a massive new concrete park being built at FPot, carrying on the epic sessions that have gone down there for the last 10 years . . . 

Thanks for all the support since ’84, hope to help you out in the shop soon,




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Posted 14/7/14

Harrys welcome to United

Posted 21/5/13


The planning and design stage for the replacement of Flowerpot Skate Park is now well underway. The Council have set up a mailbox - newskatepark@exeter.gov.uk and they welcome your ideas and suggestions, they want as much feedback as possible. Going to be concrete, email them now and have your say!

Posted 19/4/12


Here's Jonathan Williams pics that didn't get in the Ride article, all rad so put them up here for ya!

Posted 20/10/11

###### Bo-Ho Team Skater Dan McDermott in Sidewalk Mag ######

Sidewalk with Dermo in

Check out the latest Sidewalk Mag, there's a QUIKSILVER IN BRAZIL TOUR article, including Boarding House team skater Dermo

Check out Dan's double spread pic below, and this link- for video of the sick runs he put down on this gnar concrete mini-ramp in Brazil!! Ghetto. Literally!

More video from the same trip here , nice one Dan! Skelly's got a little clip up from Kill City too & Skinner has a great (BMX) little edit on 'the come up'.

Dermo's spread
Posted 31/3/11

###### Boarding House in DIG Mag ######

Dig Article

Check out the latest DIG Mag, with an 'Instore' feature on us! Cheers to Ricky at DIG for hooking this up, thanks!

We've just put all the old Boarding House videos online, check out Tim's section from the last DVD, we're on Vimeo, Facebook, and YouTube Cheers.

Exeter RTG Extras - Tim Ruck Section from Deaths Admin on Vimeo.

Posted 24/2/11