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Skateramp at the Phoenix . . .

skateramp poster
Posted 21/10/10

###### Exe Games 2010 goes off, as ever!!! ######

Prize giving

Well, a good day was had by all at the comp Sunday, stayed dry all day and loads of prizes given out, and even a little cash!
Decided to go for a Mini-ramp comp this year for a change, was well worth it, some killer runs being done.
Plenty of highlights, but with a comp, pro demo's, a burger van, and the best park in Devon to hand, no surprise there . . . .!
We're so crazy efficient, the comp ran quicker than expected, so fitted in a high hop comp with cash, CASH prizes! A purple 'un for first, some brown for second and a bluey if you came in third. Nay bad.

Thanks loads to all our sponsors:

Jazzy in the higest hop

Thanks to our Pro Demo'ers, Foooman, Scott Ditchburn, Ollie Evans, Nick Jensen, Mark Baines, ta for coming down, cheers.
Check the comp gallery for the pics, results are below -

Skate 15U

  • 1st - Harvey Wilderspin
  • 2nd - Herbie Edwards
  • 3rd - Ben Seward
  • 4th - Brendan


  • 1st - Reece Parr
  • 2nd - Tom McNab
  • 3rd - Ben Comer
  • 4th - Toby Bougounea

Skate 16+

  • 1st - Jock
  • 2nd - Tom Mitchell
  • 3rd - Slammer
  • 4th - J.Bates

BMX 16+

  • 1st - Tom Reed
  • 2nd - Punkus
  • 3rd - Martyn Hastings
  • 4th - Alex Hartnell

Posted 3/8/10

##### Exe Games Mini Ramp Comp 1st August #####

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contest details
Posted 15/7/10


Ok, Exe Games 09 is on this Sunday at Flowerpot, check the 'Contest' tab for full info, times etc! We've got some top pro's coming, and prizes for best tricks in skate-bmx-inline, fingers crossed there's no rain this time . . . (Never Say Rain)

exe games poster
Posted 27/7/09