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gavs word from the street

Firstly Skellie entered the 'Red Bull' Manny challenge in Bristol at St Pauls on Sunday 19th Oct an placed 5th however due to the fact some of the higher placed entrants had already qualified this granted him a wild card entry into the finals on Saturday 25th October at York Hall, Bethnal Green, London. not sure if he's plannin on attendin (UPDATE, he is, get on Skelly). Not sure how the other Exeter Beys placed but will let you know when i hear.

However the most important news on the street is this!!!!!!!!
JASON BATES NOW RIDES A BMX!!!!!! J @ woods somewhere

That's true you haven't mis-read this, after becoming a true 'Trail King/Dirt Jumper' on his 24 " DMR & 26 " GIANT Jay has finally made the transition/obvious choice of making the change to a BMX (seen the light????.. I think so!!!) now ridin a 21 " Hoffman BAMA.
Nice one Jay you know it makes sense!!!
All jokin aside tho Jay went to JLC this sunday (19th Oct) and in under an hour had cleared all but one of the main line!!!!
Big Props!!! speakin to him today the only reason he didn't do the whole line was due to poor light..
Watch this space cos when it stops rainin he's gonna nail that sucka!!!!
Thats all I got at the Mo, well all I can repeat!!!

Posted 24/10/08

Exeter Cycle Sunday

This past sunday (21/6/08) saw 'Cycle Sunday', an event organised by Devon County Council to promote cycling in Exeter.
So amongst the 'cycle circus' (weird bikes you could ride), Police doing bike postcoding, and Andre Burton's trials show, was a BMX demo.
Devon County Council had asked The Boarding House to organise some riders, so James Hitchcox, Ant Pearson and Tom Smith were invited.

James and Ant came down for Oblivion last year, all three ripped up flowerpot, with James's blunt on the back rail, fakie to disaster to canadian on the mini (techtastic), Ant throwing flairs every demo, whips and bars into loads of lip tricks.
Tom coming soooo close to double whips each demo on the quarter, r.a.d.!

Thanks to Cycle Exeter/Zsolt/D.C.C
Next Pro demo in Exeter is at Exe Games08, 3rd August, riders from 4down Dist, look out. . .

'Yeah Roy!' video premiere party

So, Saturday 21st saw the 'Yeah Roy!' video premiere party, A.K.A. The Real Backyard Jam.

I was at the last Hastings Backyard Jam and the Etnies Forward premiere, the havoc there had nothing on 'Yeah Roy!'

Olby footjammer tyre grab & turndown into the tent roof

The Uni guys (Tom, Rob, Olby, Will, Marcus etc ((etc, sorry lads!)), had crow-barred a mini into their back garden, tight doesn't cover it! Me, Death and Foz rolled over there for 7, and the guys had a bar-b and ramp sesh already on the go, with FREE OLD ROSIE cider! The guys had spent all day drying the ramp out with newspaper and got a tarp tent up for shelter, good work. It was tricky to ride, walls both sides, decks bit wet, Big Sam on the deck knocking pints of cider, bikes, people, himself, into the ramp - that kid could cause a catastrophe in an empty room by himself. Only joking mayyyytt! None of these seemed to feature when the locals took a run, here's some highlights of a typical olby run- bars air, air high n flat into the tent ridge, steeep stalled footjam, ice to tap to another cranked over footjam, 360 fakie roll back nice n straight to miss the walls . . rippin'. Tom getting nice flat airs, while saying hi to everyone, have you got a cider?, cheers for coming, oh gotta go and finish the video, busy!

Tom, quick breather between riding/greeting/finishing the movie/ramp mopping

Marcus did some rad whips in his charity suit get up, Will riding the ramp at full blat, wall jam nosepick back in things, whilst rockin his chazzer shop ladies straw hat. Plenty taking the piss, but if it had been blazing, he'd have been laughing. He was anyway.

And so was everyone else when a big crew of Scottish Conference League lads turned up 'wot leagues your team in', 'football'. If riding the ramp was tricky earlier, it sure was now with Skinner shouting 'I like your hair' from the deck or Street Sam telling you 'I know you' in between sweeping the ramp or smoking fags stood on about 100 screwed up newspapers.
Toms drop in
James Hitchcox, Ant Pearson and Tom Smith were down for the Cycle Sunday the next day, James took some runs and got a wallride fakie out the corner onto the neighbours wall, class.

When Skinner, Sam, Lol, George and the rest of the S.C.L. had enough of being football fans/ immigrant subway employees, 'dooo that again' 'do a 900' 'you do the 900' they got on as bad boys on the case with the drum n bass, boom!! With Oakaby on the visual effects (flicking the light on and off), place was going off, bumpin'!

SCL oi oi oi !

Tom drops in (above) - SCL Oi! Oi! Oi! and repeat. . .

Once dancing got boring, some good work got done with re-cycling all the empties, the picnic table, bar-b-q and a toilet in the backyard. Sort of. The Old Rosie was definately coming into it's own by this point. Luckily 'Yeah Roy!' saved the day, that is, house, when it appeared in the front room. Standing room only like all the best premiere's, even people in the hall viewing through the door crack(Me & Death). Unlike the best premiere's, the electricity ran out half way through. It all creates atmosphere though eh? Not that this do had ever been missing on atmosphere since the first of the S.C.L. had arrived...

packed premiere

Yeah it was packed, but did you spot the Pro?

Cheers to all the Uni lads for a great night, and special mention to Oakaby for running me and death home, nice one bey.


Posted 14/7/08

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