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This is news from sept/oct time really, but we've been a while sorting out pictures . . . but here are the two latest additions to the shop team, Tom Reed (Nyquist) and Harry Mills-Wakeley (Mowgli). We're super stoked to have these two represent the shop, both been ripping in Exeter for ages, they kill it!! Here's some pics from when they got on, Harry at Rad Pat jam in Torquay, crazy clicked turndown off a ghetto flat bank, and Tom at Tiverton, with a stretched high o/s no hander, rad. Nice one beys! Pics by Tom Goldsmith, thanks loads for those Tom, cheers.

Posted 12/12/09

Skell's Bell's,
Skelly aka Smelly aka Manny Maniac Gets Board Sponsor !!!

skellie at Cullompton

In not entirely new news , Skelly is now riding for Kill City !! Nice one Skelly.
So now that's the whole Bo-Ho skate team hooked up with board sponsors, Dermo (just got on Creme, been in Barc for 2 weeks), Barbs (on Crayon out of the valleys of Wales), and Skelly on Kill City (also Wales, our Celtic Cousins), good one beys, well deserved you all absolutely ruin it everywhere you go! Ask Cullompton, that just got shut down by Barbs, Skel, Gwo and Jock (especially Jock), check this clip of Skelly - - -

Posted 19/5/09

No real news, as far as we know everything's the same which means:

The skate team consists of

Skellie (Ryan Evans)

Jason Bates

Dan Mc Dermott

BMX team

Jamie Skinner

Harry Mills Wakley

Dan Neal

Josh Kew

James Jerrett (Gerald)

Posted 27/3/10