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Some movies we found

Here's a Crayon Skateboards (Barbers board Sponsor) production from the opening Jam at the new Glastonbury park last weekend 10th May. But features the E-Town beys Dermo, Barber, Skellie, Sam (Gwo) McAllister an James (Tak/Naan) Callison!!! E-Town boys showin how its done!!!!
Well worth a look.

heres another vid worth postin this time from dorchester's new parks opening jam.

Again featuring the E-Town heavy hitters Barber, Dermo, Skellie, Tak/Naan an Gwo. an yet again showin the rest of the skate community how it's done. E-Town beys set for global takeover????? certainly looks that way!!!!


Posted 15/5/09

Check this edit of Barney Page for some cruiser madness!

Here's an edit from Tim 'No Comply' Woodrow of Barney shredding flowerpot on a Krooked Zip Zinger cruiser, most people wouldn't get this stuff on a normal board, and B's done it on a cruiser - that's not even his, just borrowed Mark B's and fired it out! Sick, kid.

Posted 3/7/09
gavs word from the street

heres a little edit from some of the new young bluds/up an comin exeter riders. Filmed an edited by Phill Preston an featurin most of the Arena crew.
Pretty darn good for a first effort, bit 'Shaky Bro Cam' but you gotta start somewhere hey?!?!
the end section is pretty funny with some comedy bail's an general messin about.

Posted 12/3/09

Dan McDermott, skateboarding to make your eyes bleed, HERE

All those enquiries for Bo-Ho sponsorship, this is your benchmark, good luck! Ta to Ben Hoskin for the clip.

Foster's posted this new web vid from Woodbury, had loads of hits and comments, check it out!

In other Foster related news, Paul and wife Amelie have had a 'lil baby girl, congrats to them.

Paul's also put up a web edit of the first session at the new Arena set-up..

Posted 3/11/08

new clip

from the Exeter Skaters. Here's a taster of whats gonna be on the DVD (I'm guessing they'll put it on a DVD?). Think it's called 'spot p-owned', dunno about the release date, or who's filming & editing. Shame about the mpora advertising.

Looks good so far. . .

Posted 27/8/08

Now that's what I call the Boarding House & Riding West

Here's a clip of (team rider)Josh from the last BH movie. Josh's been off riding due to injury (watch this and you'll understand why), lets hope he's fixed for the summer. .
Ask at the shop if you want a copy.

Posted 1/3/08

The Old Fools 07 part two

If you don't know about this look at Ride Feb 08 for Northen Johns' write up.

Paul from TempoBMX put this footage together, check out the improvements at Mount Hawke, bowls & banks at Cambourne, etc

Posted 1/3/08